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We organize tours for any group of tourists, be it families, individuals or organized groups. The routes presented here are just a few examples of possible alternatives. Being open to non-standard forms of sightseeing, we constantly seek to tailors our services to our clients’ individual needs. We also organize city games and non-walking tours.

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Our aim is to make the sightseeing of Krakow as enjoyable as possible. In an attempt to meet expectations of both adults and children, we offer you a wide range of routes to choose from. From individuals to families and organized groups, there is something for everyone. We also have special offers tailored to the needs of school and pilgrim groups. Our qualified tourist guides, who were all granted professional guiding licenses by the Marshal’s Office of the Małopolska region, will do their best to share with you their knowledge and passion for Krakow.

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Krakow is an old royal city, where every building has its history. The city’s unique atmosphere is also a result of the effort of many people who over centuries have contributed to the creation of its culture.

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We invite you to choose our routes, although they can only be a suggestion - our professional guides will adapt to each client. We are happy to adapt the tour to the individual wishes and needs of the Visitors.

The Royal Route

The Royal Route is a perfect choice for those who visit Krakow for the first time. You will walk around the streets that once served as the main route for foreign kings, envoys and distinguished guests who would come to … Read More


During this trip you will walk up to the Wawel Hill which for centuries served as the seat of Polish rulers. You will visit the Cathedral, where Polish kings and queens were crowned. The cathedral crypts contain tombs of sovereigns, national heroes and … Read More

Main Market Square Underground Museum

Beneath the Main Market Square there is an underground permanent exhibition that houses, among others, pieces of former cobbled pathways and foundations of buildings which stood on the square till the 19th century. This museum also boasts a wide range … Read More


​ Kazimierz, which was founded by King Casimir the Great in the 14th century as a separate city, is now one of Krakow’s most interesting districts. For centuries two diverse cultural and religious communities coexisted here – the Jewish and … Read More


Today one of Krakow’s districts, it was originally a separate city founded by the Austrian emperor Joseph II in the late 18th century. Its origins date back to the times of Krak ruler and there are many interesting legends related … Read More

Nowa Huta

Nowa Huta, the easternmost district of Krakow, came into being in 1949 and was to be Poland’s first real socialist city built from scratch. It was a modern town independent of Krakow and the country’s main centre of heavy industry. … Read More

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In our entries we will provide you with a handful of good advice on how to prepare and organize a successful stay in Krakow. By following our blog you will always be up to date with various events and cultural events of the city.

Altar by Veit Stoss

The Wit Stwosz Altar is one of the greatest works of art that Krakow can boast of. It is a masterpiece of Gothic sculpture, a work that attracts tourists from all over the world. We invite you for a walk … Read More

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