Krakow for the most interested

Walk around Planty Park

A walk around Planty Park is an ideal route for all tourists who want to visit Krakow in an unconventional way with a guide. Walking along the charming alleys of one of the oldest parks in Krakow, you will learn … Read More

A trip along the trail of Krakow murals

We invite you to a unique route, ideal for street art lovers and unconventional trips, as well as for teachers who want to organize a lesson on the interpretation of the text of culture. We invite you for a walk … Read More

Architecture of Krakow

The Architecture of Krakow Route is an ideal proposition for enthusiasts and lovers of art history, tourists interested in various architectural styles and urban planning. Both organized groups and individual tourists, together with our professional guide, will see examples of … Read More

In the footsteps of Schindler’s List

We encourage all enthusiasts of good cinema and the work of Steven Spielberg as well as enthusiasts of the history of World War II, both individual and organized groups to visit Krakow with a licensed guide in the footsteps of … Read More

Krakow Technology Trail

During a guided tour of the Krakow Technology Trail, you will learn how the face of Krakow changed in the 19th and early 20th centuries, when electricity appeared in the city, and what the route of the first tram was. … Read More

In the footsteps of Kościuszko

In the footsteps of Tadeusz Kościuszko is a tourist route prepared for groups and individual tourists who are history enthusiasts. During the organized tour with our guide, you will visit places and corners of Krakow related to the Governor, you … Read More

Zwierzyniec – a recreational walk

Zwierzyniec is located pretty much in the city center, but despite that it is a perfect place to relax from the hustle of the city. During the tour you will visit a variety of places and monuments, including: the church … Read More

Krakow’s cemeteries

Cemeteries, full of great sepulchral art, provide a great opportunity to learn about    the history of individual people and places. During the walk you will learn, among others, what were once the most common locations for cemeteries and which … Read More

Krakow’s beautiful parks

A perfect choice for those who need a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city and wish to feel Krakow’s unique atmosphere. During the tour we will present you the history of Krakow’s most beautiful parks. You … Read More

The route of Krakow’s tenement houses

We will explain to you the origin of Krakow’s tenement houses, as well as the major changes that marked their construction over the centuries. Strolling along the streets designed by the most prominent architects, we will focus mainly on the … Read More