Walk around Planty Park

A walk around Planty Park is an ideal route for all tourists who want to visit Krakow in an unconventional way with a guide. Walking along the charming alleys of one of the oldest parks in Krakow, you will learn about an extraordinary world of history and legends, as well as stories about interesting people and places. From a licensed guide you will learn where the name of the park came from, what “Plantowy” did and in which part of the Planty Park the famous actress Helena Modrzejewska liked to walk.

A walk around Planty Krakowskie is our proposal for an alternative sightseeing of the city. The route begins at the site of a mound, and today you can see the oldest monument of the Planty, commemorating Florian Straszewski. Here, our guide will familiarize you with the life and activities of the Planty creator and will tell you what he had to do with the Krakow number lottery. Then, walking along the alleys, you will see a fragment of the preserved medieval fortifications with the Florian Gate and three towers and the Barbican. You will learn how the northern winds saved the walls, where lovers like to spend time and why Matejko is sitting in the frame. Then you will see many monuments in Planty: Harper (Bojan), Jadwiga and Jagiełło, Lilla Weneda or Artur Grottger. The guide will tell you why there is no longer a monument to Fryderyk Chopin in Planty, what secrets the Church of Fr. Reformed and what the frieze at the Palace of Arts depicts. You will see where the Jewish gate and the Jewish cemetery used to be, you will learn the history of the monument to Nicolaus Copernicus and the Oak of Freedom. Then you will discover where the towers and gates of the city used to be, what the barbers and saddlers did, and you will learn about the history of Our Lady of Wandering. You will be able to sit on the mathematicians’ bench and see an unusual monument – I wonder if you can guess who. With our guide, you will visit a mysterious, previously overlooked place, today dominated by a lighthouse for the dead.

Take a guided tour of Krakow’s plantations – it’s really worth it!

Duration: 2h


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