In the footsteps of Pope St John Paul II

If you want to visit Krakow in the footsteps of John Paul II, we invite you to use the services of our Krakow guide. You will get to know the places with which John Paul II was associated in his adolescence, later as a priest and bishop, and finally as a pope. Following in his footsteps, you will visit the churches where he worked as a pastor and the places where he lived.

You will start your tour at the Collegiate Church of St. Florian, where Karol Wojtyła served as a vicar for the first time in Krakow. Then your guide will show you a plaque on St. Mary’s Basilica commemorating the so-called “White March”. You will visit the Collegiate Church of St. Anna, where Karol Wojtyła celebrated holy masses and conducted a retreat, and you will also see a confessional in which he heard confessions. On Gołębia Street, next to the plaque commemorating the period of Wojtyła’s philological studies, you will hear many stories and anecdotes related to this period. At the “Papal Window” you will be able to recall the most important moments of papal pilgrimages. You will learn what quote was placed on the “Papal Bench” and where the flowers in the mosaic placed in the window were taken from. In the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, our guide will show you the favorite place of prayer of the Holy Father, and on Kanonicza Street, the houses where Karol Wojtyła lived and the Archdiocese Museum with souvenirs of the Great Pole. You will visit the Wawel Cathedral, where the relics of the Saint are and the place where he celebrated his first mass. Then you will have the opportunity to visit the Cathedral Museum, founded by Karol Wojtyła, and later on, you will go to Skałka, where you will see the Pope’s monument and the papal cross. You will end your tour at the John Paul II Center, where you will see the Sanctuary of John Paul II with the relics of the Saint, the famous cassock and a slab from the papal tomb. The guide will also show you the Museum, where he will bring you closer to the biography of the Great Pole.

We invite you for a trip!

Duration 2 – 4 hours


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