In the footsteps of Schindler’s List

We encourage all enthusiasts of good cinema and the work of Steven Spielberg as well as enthusiasts of the history of World War II, both individual and organized groups to visit Krakow with a licensed guide in the footsteps of the “Schindler’s List”. You will get to know the places that became the background for the film honored with seven Oscars and where the most important scenes of the film were shot, while learning about the history of Oskar Schindler.

You will start the tour with our professional guide at the Krakow Railway Station, which was shown at the beginning of the film and in the scene of Oskar Schindler’s (Liam Neeson) farewell to his wife Emilia (Caroline Goodall). Then you will go to the Main Market Square, where you will hear which part of the movie was filmed in the St. Mary’s Basilica. You will stop by a tenement house at 7 Straszewskiego Street, where Oskar Schindler actually lived during the war and where many takes  for the film were shot. During the tour you will learn what Allan Starski, the set designer of Schindler’s List, said about this place. On Poselska Street you will hear a story about a scene from a movie with the participation of the famous Polish actor Henryk Bista. Later in the tour you will see the seat of the Jewish Religious Community at 2 Skawińska Street, which “appeared” in the film as the seat of the Judenrat, Marshal Piłsudski Bridge and “the most beautiful courtyard of Kazimierz” called Schindler’s backyard, where many takes for the film were shot, among others with the participation of 13-year-old Anna Mucha. You will walk along Ciemna and Szeroka Streets, which were one of the film’s main locations. You will end your tour at Oskar Schindler’s Enamelware Factory at 4  Lipowa Street, where in the original administrative building of the factory is presented the exhibition “Krakow – occupation time 1939-1945”. At this point, our guide will introduce you to the history of saving Jews by Schindler and will show you, among others, a photo with Schindler, the original secretary’s office and office, as well as explain the mystery of the stairs shown in the film.

We invite you to take advantage of our guide services and to visit the “Schindler’s List” route together!

Sightseeing time: 3 – 4 hours


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