Krakow during WW II

The “Krakow during World War II” route is an ideal proposition for groups and individual tourists who are enthusiasts of the history of the 20th century who want to get to know this period in the history of Krakow with a professional guide. During the tour you will see the most important museums and monuments related to the Nazi occupation, you will learn many interesting stories related to World War II. You will also visit the area of the Krakow ghetto and learn about the history of Krakow Jews during the occupation.

You will start discovering the history of Krakow during the Nazi occupation with our licensed guide in one of the most modern museums in Krakow – Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory, where the “Krakow – occupation time 1939-1945” exhibition is presented in an innovative way in the original administrative building of the factory. Then you will go to the Ghetto Heroes Square, which is an unusual monument – a memorial commemorating the martyrdom and deportation of thousands of Jews. You will learn what the chairs here mean, and then while watching the Pharmacy Under the Eagle, you will hear the amazing story of Tadeusz Pankiewicz. At Lwowska and Limanowskiego Streets you will see the preserved fragments of the ghetto walls, the guide will also show you where the main gate and Judenrat and the most important buildings in the ghetto were located. Later in the tour you will see the Holocaust Memorial on Szeroka Street, the so-called “Jewsish Planty Park” and Wawel – during the Nazi occupation the seat of the General Governor Hans Frank. You will learn more about where the worst Gestapo prison was, what the Main Square looked like during the occupation, which theater the Germans used to go to. You will also visit Collegium Novum, which where The famous Sonderaktion Krakau took place. You will end your tour at Pomorska Street, where the Gestapo headquarters were located during World War II. You will enter the cells of the former Gestapo detention that have survived to this day – and visit the exhibition Krakowianie against terror 1939–1945–1956.

If you are interested in the times and events of the Second World War, be sure to take this tour. Krakow guide invites you.

Duration: 3 – 5 h


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