Krakow for pilgrims

Krakow trail of saints and blessed

During the trip along the route of Krakow’s saints and blesseds, you will have the opportunity to visit Krakow’s oldest and most beautiful churches and monastery cloisters with our guide, to learn not only about their history and architecture, but … Read More

Łagiewniki and other Krakow sanctuaries

If you want to get to know the world-famous sanctuaries of Krakow, be sure to take this route. You will have the opportunity to learn more about them. You will visit both the newest sanctuaries and those with many years … Read More

In the footsteps of Pope St John Paul II

If you want to visit Krakow in the footsteps of John Paul II, we invite you to use the services of our Krakow guide. You will get to know the places with which John Paul II was associated in his … Read More