A trip along the trail of Krakow murals

We invite you to a unique route, ideal for street art lovers and unconventional trips, as well as for teachers who want to organize a lesson on the interpretation of the text of culture. We invite you for a walk along the trail of Krakow murals with a licensed guide.

The guided tour starts in Podgórze at 5/7 Tatrzańska Street at the so-called “Rainbow stairs”. It was here that, in 2013, as part of the Fresh Zone festival, the stairs were painted in color and 55 quotes from various sources were written on them. They come from, among others. from the works of Kornel Makuszyński or Wisława Szymborska, but also from the thoughts of Julius Caesar, the Dalai Lama, or even from…. Moomin. They really encourage reflection, various interpretations, analyzes, and drawing conclusions. The review of these golden thoughts is also an excellent exercise for every student, significantly broadening his horizons. Some may wonder why this type of art of expression appears in Podgórze? It is now a very dynamically developing district of Krakow in terms of art and culture, which has a huge baggage of World War II experiences – it is finally here that the Krakow ghetto was located. It is the seat of Cricoteca documenting the activities of Tadeusz Kantor, or MOCAK, in which works of modern art are presented. Hence, it is not surprising that murals sometimes touching upon great existential problems appear in this part of Krakow. To find them, we go along Andrzeja Potiebnia, Parkowa, Rękka and Węgierska Streets towards Józefińska Street.


Duration: 2 – 3 h


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